Cephas Hour
Episode 78
Release Date: December 2, 2022

Music that speaks to heart and soul.

Deborah’s Song Rachel Wilhelm
In Christ Alone Rosalie
King Of Hearts Randy Stonehill
Restore My Soul The Choir
Strong Hand Of Love Mark Heard
I Always Do Phil Keaggy
The Rock That Doesn’t Roll Larry Norman
As The World Turns Daniel Amos
So Wonderful Undercover
Forever Now A Crown Shelly Moore
To The Ones Bringing Home
A Little Light Left Out Of The Grey
When You Walk Kerry Livgren

Cephas Hour
Episode 76
Release Date: November 12, 2022

Bit under the weather, so the show is almost all music. Which is a good thing.

Hosanna Rosalie
Deborah’s Song Rachel Wilhelm
Jonah’s Song Rachel Wilhelm
Daniel’s Song Rachel Wilhelm
Job’s Song Rachel Wilhelm
Bye Bye Babylon Whiteheart
Sing Your Freedom Whiteheart
Let The Kingdom Come Whiteheart
Desert Rose Whiteheart
Raging Of The Moon Whiteheart
His Heart Was Always In It Whiteheart
Unchain Whiteheart
Say The Word Whiteheart
Heaven Of My Heart Whiteheart
Once And For All Whiteheart
Inside Whiteheart
You Can’t Take What You Don’t Have (You Don’t Have Me) Whiteheart
Man Overboard Whiteheart
The Vine Whiteheart