Cephas Hour
Episode 49
Release Date: February 24, 2022

A variety of songs and themes designed to combat the insanity permeating today’s news.

Judas Within Vector
To The Ones Bringing Home
Unraveling Shelly Moore
I Will Take Joy Rachel Wilhelm
It’s Hard To Take The Front
Go Tell Them DeGarmo & Key
Sweet Song Of Salvation Larry Norman
Eleanor, It’s Raining Now The Lost Dogs
Don’t Tread On Me Richie Furay
Ready To Fly Oden Fong
Finale: Bereshith Overture Daniel Amos
Lady Goodbye Daniel Amos
The Whistler Daniel Amos
He’s Gonna Do A Number On You Daniel Amos
Better Daniel Amos
Sail Me Away Daniel Amos
Posse In The Sky Daniel Amos

Cephas Hour
Episode 48
Release Date: February 15, 2022

An all-Kemper Crabb episode, including in its entirety and uninterrupted his classic 1982 album The Vigil.

Sunset Before The Vigil Kemper Crabb
The Vigil Kemper Crabb
They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships Kemper Crabb
Tannin Kemper Crabb
Doulas Kemper Crabb
All-Father Litany Kemper Crabb
Be Thou My Vision Kemper Crabb
Outremer Kemper Crabb
Saltarello Kemper Crabb
The Danse Kemper Crabb
Thigpen’s Wedding Kemper Crabb
Taking The Cross Kemper Crabb
Candle Flame Kemper Crabb
Te Drum Kemper Crabb
Fairest Lord Jesus (Crusader’s Hymn) Kemper Crabb
The Vigil Kemper Crabb
Sunrise After The Vigil Kemper Crabb
Persistence Of Vision Radiohalo
Straw Man Radiohalo
Illumination Radiohalo

Cephas Hour
Episode 47
Release Date: February 10, 2022

An all-Terry Scott Taylor show, with solo work plus tasty Daniel Amos and Lost Dogs tracks.

Be That As It May Terry Scott Taylor
This Beautiful Mystery Terry Scott Taylor
A Song You Cannot Hear Terry Scott Taylor
Deep Calling Terry Scott Taylor
Soon! Daniel Amos
As The World Turns Daniel Amos
Our New Testament Best Daniel Amos
Imagine That The Lost Dogs
No Room For Us The Lost Dogs
Eleanor, It’s Raining Now The Lost Dogs
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep Terry Scott Taylor
Wood Between The Worlds Terry Scott Taylor
With The Tired Eyes Of Faith Terry Scott Taylor
I May Never Know Terry Scott Taylor

Cephas Hour
Episode 46
Release Date: February 1, 2022

A bit more low-key than usual. Hope you don’t mind.

To The Ones Bringing Home
Love That Will Not Me Go Steve Camp
In The Light Of Heaven Sweet Comfort Band
She Begins To Sing Oden Fong
Aliens & Strangers DeGarmo & Key
Heaven Of My Heart Whiteheart
Doulos Kemper Crabb
Come Away With Me Undercover
Sanctuary Daniel Amos
Paint A Picture Resurrection Band
Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett
Sail On Sailor Mustard Seed Faith
Mansion Builder 2nd Chapter of Acts
Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy

No, Really, I’m Still Here

My apologies for the lengthy radio silence. January wasn’t the best of months between work and family bereavement. But I’m back on track now.

During January I put three music-only shows on the podcast list: Resurrection Band, Crumbächer, and The Prayer Chain. Blog links are upcoming.

Hope you’re all doing okay, and thank you for listening.