Cephas Hour
Episode 45
Release Date: January 26, 2022

An all-Prayer Chain show.

Some Love The Prayer Chain
Shine The Prayer Chain
Crawl The Prayer Chain
Dig Dug The Prayer Chain
Fifty-Eight The Prayer Chain
Like I Was The Prayer Chain
Never Enough The Prayer Chain
Creole The Prayer Chain
Waterdogs The Prayer Chain
Grylliade The Prayer Chain
Chalk The Prayer Chain
Mercury The Prayer Chain
Sun Stoned The Prayer Chain
The Other Side Of Heaven The Prayer Chain

Cephas Hour
Episode 44
Release Date: January 19, 2022

An all-Crumbächer show.

Alma Mater (A Cappella) Crumbächer
Thunder Beach Crumbächer
It Don’t Matter Crumbächer
Crashlanded (In Another Time Zone) Crumbächer
Speechless Crumbächer
Great Little Dancer Crumbächer
Rainy Season Crumbächer
Life Of The Party Crumbächer
Jaime Crumbächer
Backyard Changes Crumbächer
Interstellar Satellite Crumbächer
Once In A Heartbreak Crumbächer
Tame The Volcano Crumbächer
Tough Act To Follow Crumbächer
Glowing In The Dark Crumbächer
Waiting For You Crumbächer
Once More (With Feeling) Crumbächer
Solo Flight Crumbächer

Cephas Hour
Episode 43
Release Date: January 12, 2022

An all-Resurrection Band show.

White Noise Resurrection Band
Love Comes Down Resurrection Band
Irish Garden Resurrection Band
Three Seconds Resurrection Band
Gameroom Resurrection Band
Shadows Resurrection Band
Military Man Resurrection Band
Lovespeak Resurrection Band
Waitin’ On Sundown Resurrection Band
Souls For Hire Resurrection Band
Altar Of Pain Resurrection Band
American Dream Resurrection Band
Benny & Sue Resurrection Band
Elevator Muzik Resurrection Band
Mommy Don’t Love Daddy Anymore Resurrection Band
Sunrise Resurrection Band
City Streets Resurrection Band
Surprised Resurrection Band
Area 312 Resurrection Band
Paint A Picture Resurrection Band

Cephas Hour
Episode Forty-Two
Release Date: January 6, 2022

First episode of 2022. Rockin’ in the new year.

Jesus Wept Daniel Amos
Perfect Blues 77s
All You Lucky People Adam Again
Sunrise Rez (Resurrection Band)
What Is The Measure Of Your Success Steve Taylor
Judas Within Vector
Inside Whiteheart
Creole The Prayer Chain
Heart Lost In Nowhere Altar Boys
Pimps And Preachers Veil (of Ashes)
I Know You Are With Me Backstage Revival
To The Ones Bringing Home
Come Away With Me Undercover
Alma Mater (Acappella) Crumbächer