Cephas Hour
Episode 124
Release Date: May 3, 2024

The one that talks about people who are not sane.


The Stand The Alarm
Bema Seat Petra
Shadow Of The Cross The Choir
OK Five For Fighting
The Cross Was His Own Veil of Ashes
I Still Believe (Great Design) The Call
Jesus Is For Losers Steve Taylor
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One thought on “Cephas Hour
Episode 124
Release Date: May 3, 2024”

  1. In your latest article over at RedState you state; “Antisemitism must be exposed, scorned, mocked, and ridiculed whenever and wherever it appears.”

    I completely agree. I am a “free speech absolutist,” and believe everyone has the right to speak exactly what they believe. And what we are beginning to see is that even those on the right are starting to embrace the desire to limit that “natural right.” Antisemetism is a disgusting and vile belief, but freedom of speech demands that even the most vile comments must be defended, so long as they are not inciting violence, because it is easy to defend speech we all agree with. Our current elected politicians, and yes those with an R in front of their name, have fully embraced the idea that we must suppress speech we find abhorrent, namely antisemitism, all in the name of solidarity. It is this move that tells me that we are in grave danger of losing this nation. And if we are ever to truly save it or revive it, we must turn to the only source of resurrected life available and that is the blood of Jesus and the breath of Yahweh.

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