Cephas Hour
Episode 66
Release Date: August 4, 2022

Yet another throwback to the latter Cephas Hour on (redacted) Radio days of spoken segments along with the music.

Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett
Last Day Of My Life 2nd Chapter of Acts
Now That I’ve Died Daniel Amos
She Begins To Sing Oden Fong
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Fireworks
To Forgive Steve Taylor
Never Enough The Prayer Chain
20 Loves (One With Promise) Veil
Change Is Gonna Come Mike Farris
Peace Derri Daugherty
My Redeemer Lives Mark Heard
Beautiful Scandalous Night Derri Daugherty
In Paradise (In Paradisum) Rachel Wilhelm
Unraveling Shelly Moore

Cephas Hour
Episode 65
Release Date: July 28, 2022

Throwback to the latter Cephas Hour on (redacted) Radio days of spoken segments along with the music.

Sentimental Song (Reimagined) Derri Daugherty
Colored By Daniel Amos
Jesus Wants You To Buy This Record Dead Artist Syndrome
On The Fritz Steve Taylor
All The Losers Win DeGarmo & Key
Come Unto Me Veil of Ashes
Never Enough The Prayer Chain
Make A Difference Tonight 77s
Visions (Doxology) / Not Of This World Petra
Heaven Of My Heart Whiteheart
Ground Zero Kerry Livgren
Flesh & Bone Vector

Cephas Hour
Episode 64
Release Date: July 17, 2022

Some thoughts on who, or better said Who, to pray to.

Centrifugal The Choir
Ready To Fly Oden Fong
Genuine 77s
Through The Speakers Daniel Amos
Thunder Beach Crumbächer
Glory Of The Feared The Listening
A Principled Man Steve Taylor
Anchor Shelly Moore
Fast Forward Prodigal
Flesh & Bone Vector
Praying To A New God Wang Chung
On The Fritz Steve Taylor
Judas Within Vector
The Way Of The Rose Undercover

Cephas Hour
Episode 63
Release Date: June 29, 2022

No, this is not an audition for SiriusXM’s “The Bridge.” Just being mellow this pass-through.

Sidney The Pirate Mustard Seed Faith
A Sentimental Song The Choir
Dig My Heels 77s
Forgive Me Sean Doty with The 77s
Psalm 63 2nd Chapter Of Acts
This Sad Music Steve Scott
Jesus Is For Losers Steve Taylor
Praise Him Ed Raetzloff
The Pain That Plagues Creation Mark Heard
40 Watt City JAG
Flesh & Bone Vector
Unchain Whiteheart
Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy
Unraveling Shelly Moore

Cephas Hour
Episode 62
Release Date: June 22, 2022

MOAR EIGHTEES! (One show only.)

Memory Lane Daniel Amos
Love In The Western World Steve Scott
Way With Words Crumbächer
Ba Ba Ba Ba 77s
Stranded At The Station Mark Heard
And They Call It It Love Veil Of Ashes
Activate DeGarmo & Key
Let The Kingdom Come Whiteheart
Sad Face The Choir
The Tenth Song Adam Again
Cry Myself To Sleep Undercover
Prelude Undercover
Darkest Hour Undercover
Interlude Undercover
Come Away With Me Undercover
Build A Castle Undercover

Cephas Hour
Episode 61
Release Date: June 14, 2022

Making up for lost time.

All Fall Down AD
Devotion Undercover
No Time Like Now Steve Scott
Never Enough The Prayer Chain
Genuine 77s
Deep Adam Again
Speechless Crumbächer
Scratch Shelly Moore Band
Joy Deep As Sorrow Bob Bennett
I Will Take Joy Rachel Wilhelm
I Plan, God Laughs Terry Scott Taylor
As The World Turns Daniel Amos
Eleanor, It’s Raining Now The Lost Dogs

Cephas Hour
Episode 60
Release Date: June 13, 2022

No talking. No need. This is the set list from Undercover’s magnificent appearance at the House of Blues Anaheim (California) earlier this month, as reviewed at RedState.

The Way Of The Rose Undercover
I’m Just A Man Undercover
Purple Flower Undercover
Devotion Undercover
The Eyes Of Love Undercover
God Rules Undercover
Love Me Dangerously Undercover
Land Of Luxury Undercover
World Come Crashing Down Undercover
Time Undercover
Light Of Day Undercover
Dark Night Undercover
I’d Rather Stay Undercover
Build A Castle Undercover
Cry Myself To Sleep Undercover
Darkest Hour Undercover
Come Away With Me Undercover
One To One Undercover
Mea Culpa / Remember Me Undercover
So Wonderful Undercover

Cephas Hour
Episode 59
Release Date: May 21, 2022

New (or at least new-ish) music from 77s, Chagall Guevara, Bill Walden, and The Altar Billies.

Closer 77s
Over Under Sideways Down 77s
Perfect Blues 77s
I Can’t Get Over It 77s
The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes, & The Pride Of Life 77s
Resurrection #9 Chagall Guevara
Halcyon Days Chagall Guevara
Surrender Chagall Guevara
Treasure Of The Broken Land Chagall Guevara
I Promised You A Sunrise Bill Walden
Free From Me Bill Walden
Mistakes Are Best Made Once Bill Walden
I Know Right Where You Are Bill Walden
All In 1 The Altar Billies
Hellbound Race The Altar Billies
Gone? The Altar Billies
No Getting Over U The Altar Billies

Cephas Hour
Episode 58
Release Date: May 15, 2022

Some country, some blues, and a whole bunch of prog. I’m eclectic like that.

Somebody Like You Richie Furay
Closer 77s
Anthem To Andorath Glass Hammer
Celebration Day Tykus
Ground Zero Kerry Livgren
In The Days Of Thy Youth / Chase The Wind DeGarmo & Key
Flesh And Blood Vector
Raging Of The Moon Whiteheart
Nobody Can Take My Life 2nd Chapter of Acts
Clouds The Choir
Praise Him Ed Raetzloff
Wake Up My Soul Richie Furay

Cephas Hour
Episode 57
Release Date: May 7, 2022

An all-Phil Keaggy show, focusing on his newly re-released 1980 album Ph’lip Side and its 1981 follow-up Town to Town.

A Child (In Everyone’s Heart) Phil Keaggy
Just A Moment Away Phil Keaggy
I Belong To You Phil Keaggy
A Royal Commandment Phil Keaggy
Little Ones Phil Keaggy
Sunday School Phil Keaggy
Spend My Life With You Phil Keaggy
Full Circle Phil Keaggy
What A Wonder You Are Phil Keaggy
Town To Town Phil Keaggy
Life Love And You Phil Keaggy
Rise Up O Men Of God Phil Keaggy
Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy