Cephas Hour
Episode 69
Release Date: August 30, 2022

Featuring new music from Kerry Livgren.

One Out Of One Kerry Livgren
Hide In Your Love Tykus
Rooftops Vector
Let The Kingdom Come Whiteheart
Come And See Bob Bennett
They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships Kemper Crabb
Selfish Man Oden Fong
Sevens 77s
Touch The Ground Paul Q-Pek
Eleanor, It’s Raining Now The Lost Dogs
Mask Of The Great Deceiver Kerry Livgren
No Standing Still AD
When You Walk Kerry Livgren

Cephas Hour
Episode 66
Release Date: August 4, 2022

Yet another throwback to the latter Cephas Hour on (redacted) Radio days of spoken segments along with the music.

Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett
Last Day Of My Life 2nd Chapter of Acts
Now That I’ve Died Daniel Amos
She Begins To Sing Oden Fong
Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Fireworks
To Forgive Steve Taylor
Never Enough The Prayer Chain
20 Loves (One With Promise) Veil
Change Is Gonna Come Mike Farris
Peace Derri Daugherty
My Redeemer Lives Mark Heard
Beautiful Scandalous Night Derri Daugherty
In Paradise (In Paradisum) Rachel Wilhelm
Unraveling Shelly Moore

Cephas Hour
Episode 64
Release Date: July 17, 2022

Some thoughts on who, or better said Who, to pray to.

Centrifugal The Choir
Ready To Fly Oden Fong
Genuine 77s
Through The Speakers Daniel Amos
Thunder Beach Crumbächer
Glory Of The Feared The Listening
A Principled Man Steve Taylor
Anchor Shelly Moore
Fast Forward Prodigal
Flesh & Bone Vector
Praying To A New God Wang Chung
On The Fritz Steve Taylor
Judas Within Vector
The Way Of The Rose Undercover

Cephas Hour
Episode 51
Release Date: March 17, 2022

Sorry, no leprechauns even though it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Instead, serious songs for a seriously besieged world in desperate need of Christ.

Can One Man Save The World Five For Fighting
Star All Together United
Standing In His Favor Backstage Revival
To The Ones Bringing Home
Judas Within Vector
Crazy Voice Oden Fong
Thief In The Night Cliff Richard
Sevens 77s
Time Undercover
The Woods The Choir
We Draw The Line AD
Raging Of The Moon Whiteheart
All You Lucky People Adam Again
Amazing Grace Five For Fighting

Cephas Hour
Episode 49
Release Date: February 24, 2022

A variety of songs and themes designed to combat the insanity permeating today’s news.

Judas Within Vector
To The Ones Bringing Home
Unraveling Shelly Moore
I Will Take Joy Rachel Wilhelm
It’s Hard To Take The Front
Go Tell Them DeGarmo & Key
Sweet Song Of Salvation Larry Norman
Eleanor, It’s Raining Now The Lost Dogs
Don’t Tread On Me Richie Furay
Ready To Fly Oden Fong
Finale: Bereshith Overture Daniel Amos
Lady Goodbye Daniel Amos
The Whistler Daniel Amos
He’s Gonna Do A Number On You Daniel Amos
Better Daniel Amos
Sail Me Away Daniel Amos
Posse In The Sky Daniel Amos

Cephas Hour
Episode 46
Release Date: February 1, 2022

A bit more low-key than usual. Hope you don’t mind.

To The Ones Bringing Home
Love That Will Not Me Go Steve Camp
In The Light Of Heaven Sweet Comfort Band
She Begins To Sing Oden Fong
Aliens & Strangers DeGarmo & Key
Heaven Of My Heart Whiteheart
Doulos Kemper Crabb
Come Away With Me Undercover
Sanctuary Daniel Amos
Paint A Picture Resurrection Band
Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett
Sail On Sailor Mustard Seed Faith
Mansion Builder 2nd Chapter of Acts
Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy

Cephas Hour
Episode Thirty-Five
Release Date: November 22, 2021

Debuting the new song by Bringing Home, plus a bunch of other good stuff.

To The Ones Bringing Home
Passion Play Veil of Ashes
Dig Dug The Prayer Chain
What Was In That Letter 77s
Beware My Heart 2nd Chapter of Acts
Come For The Children Oden Fong
Get Ready Darrell Mansfield
Rejoice Phil Keaggy
Joy Deep As Sorrow Bob Bennett
You’re Welcome Here Bob Bennett
Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett

Cephas Hour
Episode Twenty-Nine
Release Date: October 13, 2021

A mostly acoustic show.

Mercy Lives Here The Choir
I Will Take Joy Rachel Wilhelm
Still Rolls The Stone Bob Bennett
To Our God Shelly Moore
I Need Thee Every Hour Michael Roe
Try And Keep The Pace Bob Ayala
Addey DeGarmo & Key
Selfish Man Oden Fong
Sail On Sailor Mustard Seed Faith
The Outlaw Larry Norman
Behold Now The Kingdom John Michael & Terry Talbot
They That Go Down To The Sea In Ships Kemper Crabb
Ain’t Gonna Fight It Daniel Amos
Let Everything Else Go Phil Keaggy
I Plan, God Laughs Terry Scott Taylor

Playing A Bit Of Catch-Up

First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. And the lack of shows. The day/night job has been wreaking havoc with my life schedule, and I’m still working on establishing a better work/life balance.

Anyway, there is a show for which I have yet to post information. If you are subscribed to the podcast via the various methods — Apple, Google, iHeart — you already have it. If not, the on-demand link is here. It’s a mostly music show.

I’ve written a few stories recently at RedState that in part or whole refer to artists I play on the show. Looking for Joy as Deep as Sorrow uses the Bob Bennett song of the same title to discuss how joy often comes through helping others. Cephas Hour Artist Highlight: Rachel Wilhelm is rather self-explanatory, methinks (Rachel’s website is here). While the Left Gets Ridiculous, the Right Gets Ready talks about spiritually preparing for Christ’s Second Coming, illustrating the point through discussing the music and ministry of Oden Fong.

I don’t know if I’ll be recording a new show episode this week, as I’m working a ton of hours. But I’ll do my best to get one together.

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and support!

Cephas Hour
Episode Seven
Release Date: March 22, 2021

Some discussion about not making yourself into a living cliché, not pursuing happiness at the expense of others, and the need to comfort those facing loss.Continue reading “Cephas Hour
Episode Seven
Release Date: March 22, 2021″