No, Really, I’m Still Here

My apologies for the lengthy radio silence. January wasn’t the best of months between work and family bereavement. But I’m back on track now.

During January I put three music-only shows on the podcast list: Resurrection Band, Crumbächer, and The Prayer Chain. Blog links are upcoming.

Hope you’re all doing okay, and thank you for listening.



Playing A Bit Of Catch-Up

First and foremost, I apologize for the lack of posts as of late. And the lack of shows. The day/night job has been wreaking havoc with my life schedule, and I’m still working on establishing a better work/life balance.

Anyway, there is a show for which I have yet to post information. If you are subscribed to the podcast via the various methods — Apple, Google, iHeart — you already have it. If not, the on-demand link is here. It’s a mostly music show.

I’ve written a few stories recently at RedState that in part or whole refer to artists I play on the show. Looking for Joy as Deep as Sorrow uses the Bob Bennett song of the same title to discuss how joy often comes through helping others. Cephas Hour Artist Highlight: Rachel Wilhelm is rather self-explanatory, methinks (Rachel’s website is here). While the Left Gets Ridiculous, the Right Gets Ready talks about spiritually preparing for Christ’s Second Coming, illustrating the point through discussing the music and ministry of Oden Fong.

I don’t know if I’ll be recording a new show episode this week, as I’m working a ton of hours. But I’ll do my best to get one together.

Thank you for your patience, prayers, and support!


Effective immediately, Cephas Hour will no longer be heard on BlackLight Radio.

Going forward, the show will be in a podcast format. I’m leaning heavily toward combining the two show formats into one, doing a half-hour or so of Peace with commentary reinforced by musical selections, followed by a half-hour or so of Purpose which will feature the music.

The new show, titled simply Cephas Hour, will debut next month. Unfortunately, time doesn’t permit working on it until then.

My thanks to everyone for their support over the past nearly nine years. I look forward to this new chapter.