Cephas Hour
Episode 86
Release Date: February 2, 2023

The one recorded on Groundhogs Day.

Destined To Win DeGarmo and Key
A Song About Baseball Bob Bennett
Intervene Rosalie
The Bible Daniel Amos
Burn Up In The Fire Andy Pratt
We Drive On The Choir
Clouds, Rain, Fire Kate Miner
Dig Dug The Prayer Chain
Genuine 77s
No Substitute Altar Boys
Devotion Undercover
The Mask Of The Great Deceiver Kerry Livgren
Celebration Day Tykus
Alma Mater (A Cappella) Crumbächer

One thought on “Cephas Hour
Episode 86
Release Date: February 2, 2023”

  1. Another great episode and a very well stated article over at Red State. Thanks for the perspective. As I have grown older, and hopefully more mature in my walk with the Lord, my focus has been turned more to discipleship and deep study of the Word as opposed to merely Sunday morning readings and fellowship with the body of Christ. Not that those are a bad thing, they are a necessary part of the building of the Kingdom of Yahweh. But as Scripture so eloquently reminds us, Deep Calls Unto Deep! And so I must wander into the depths of His Word in search of His eternal splendor.

    Baseball I was good at. People, not so much. And so. I seek his guidance in this thing called making me a “Fisher of Men!”

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