Cephas Hour
Episode 79
Release Date: December 16, 2022

As year’s end draws nigh, some rock‘n’roll to soothe the soul.

One Out Of One Kerry Livgren
The Woods The Choir
Rooftops Vector
Devotion Undercover
Waterdogs The Prayer Chain
Strong Tower Phil Keaggy
Mercy Mercy 77s
What Child Is This? Kemper Crabb
O Come O Come Emmanuel Kemper Crabb
Coventry Carol Kemper Crabb
Doulos Kemper Crabb
Holy3 Kemper Crabb

One thought on “Cephas Hour
Episode 79
Release Date: December 16, 2022”

  1. That might be the best version of Mercy Mercy I’ve ever heard! As only a second time visitor, I am surprised to find so many of the obscure (even at the time) Christian rockers on your Cephas hour. So many bands I thought had been forgotten by time – but not by you! Thanks for bringing back the memories! Chris

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