Cephas Hour
Episode Forty-One
Release Date: December 31, 2021

A first-ever year in review episode. Mostly because had I done one prior to this year, it would have been for 1986.

To The Ones Bringing Home
Forever Now A Crown Shelly Moore
You Are With Me Backstage Revival
Where Were You Gold Frankincense & Myrrh
Drinking Shine 7&7iS
The Old Rugged Cross 7&7iS
In The Garden 7&7iS
And The Light Shines On Soulbreather
Isaiah’s Song Soulbreather
I Will Not Be Cast Down Soulbreather
Walk On Water Vector
Rooftops Vector
Flesh And Bone Vector
Hurricane The Choir
The Woods The Choir
Deep Cuts The Choir
Man That Is Born Of A Woman (Introit) Rachel Wilhelm
Perpetual Light (Lux Aeterna) Rachel Wilhelm
In Paradise (In Paradisum) Rachel Wilhelm
I Plan, God Laughs Terry Scott Taylor
These Are The Last Days (For You And Me) Terry Scott Taylor
In Our Waning Days Terry Scott Taylor