Cephas Hour
Episode 60
Release Date: June 13, 2022

No talking. No need. This is the set list from Undercover’s magnificent appearance at the House of Blues Anaheim (California) earlier this month, as reviewed at RedState.

The Way Of The Rose Undercover
I’m Just A Man Undercover
Purple Flower Undercover
Devotion Undercover
The Eyes Of Love Undercover
God Rules Undercover
Love Me Dangerously Undercover
Land Of Luxury Undercover
World Come Crashing Down Undercover
Time Undercover
Light Of Day Undercover
Dark Night Undercover
I’d Rather Stay Undercover
Build A Castle Undercover
Cry Myself To Sleep Undercover
Darkest Hour Undercover
Come Away With Me Undercover
One To One Undercover
Mea Culpa / Remember Me Undercover
So Wonderful Undercover

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