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Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio

The finest in Christian rock and pop from the 1980s
with an occasional nod toward the 1970s
and the 1990s as well!

Do you remember the 1980s? Big hair, leg warmers, a real President in the White House?

And the music.

That's where we come in.

From late March 2012 to early September 2016, every Sunday at 9:00 AM and 11:00 PM, and Wednesday at 10:30 PM (all times Eastern) you could tune in to BlackLight Radio to hear the finest in Christian rock and pop from the 1980s, with an occasional nod toward the 1970s and the 1990s as well. Now, we’re available on podcast with new shows! If you grew up on Phil Keaggy, The 77s, Undercover, Crumbächer, Daniel Amos, Altar Boys and so many more wonderful artists and bands that were the soundtrack to our lives, you have reason to rejoice -- we bring you all these and more every week. If your faith has been battered and bruised over the years, we pray you let the music speak to you about how, even though seasons have passed and times have changed, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Come home and let Him love you.

Raise your hands. It's time to fly.

What're You Missing?

On our current show, we’re playing:

We All Know
The Years Go Down
Hopeless, Etc.
Darkest Hour
A Cry For Help
Jesus Is For Losers
The Uses of Adversity
You Whisper Something
Love Song For A Savior
Down In The Lowlands
The Choir
The 77s
Adam Again
Steve Taylor
Daniel Amos
Glass Harp
Jars of Clay
Charlie Peacock
The Prayer Chain

What’s next? Stay tuned ...

Cephas Hour of Praise

If you liked your music on the quieter side of things, you could have tuned in to the Cephas Hour of Praise every Sunday at 8:00 AM and Monday at midnight (All times Eastern) for an hour of uninterrupted pop and soft rock worship, praise and contemplative songs from the 1960s to today! Now, just like Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio, Cephas Hour of Praise returns with new shows!

To listen to Cephas Hour of Praise shows new and classic, click here.

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