Like pretty much every other area of the site, this is a work in progress. When complete, it will list all of the artists that have had their work aired on Cephas Hour.

Each name links to, when there is one, the best available site for the artist. Usually these are the artist’s official Web site or Facebook page. If neither exist, the link goes to the next best site. The only artist with no link at this time is Tykus, as there is no public site or page presently devoted to the band.

Some links warrant an explanation. For example, as there is presently neither a Web site or Facebook page for Undercover, the link goes to the band’s original singer Bill Walden’s Web site for his current musical endeavor (a duet with singer Allie Hammond). If an artist has recorded under multiple names or variations of the same name, all names are listed.

For ease of reference, those artists/bands whose work is in the majority or wholly secular, and/or are not known for any noticeable amount of Christian content in their work, and/or are not well known to be a Christian, yet who have a song or songs warranting inclusion in a show, have an asterisk before their name. An artist such as Cliff Richard, whose faith is well known although the great majority of his catalog is considered secular in nature, warrants no such highlighting.

AD Adam Again Allies
Altar Boys Andy Pratt * Arlo Guthrie
Benny Hester Bob Bennett Charlie Peacock
Chuck Girard Cliff Richard Crumbächer
Daniel Amos Darrell Mansfield DeGarmo & Key
* Fairport Convention Holy Soldier JAG
Jars Of Clay Keith Green Kemper Crabb
Kenny Marks Kerry Livgren Kerry Livgren AD
* KXM  Lamb Larry Norman
Lenny LeBlanc Lost Dogs Love Song
Mac Powell and Cliff & Danielle Young Margaret Becker Mark Heard
Michael Card Michael Roe Mike Farris
Mike Stand Mustard Seed Faith Novella
Oden Fong Petra Phil Keaggy
Prodigal Resurrection Band Steve Taylor
Swirling Eddies Switchfoot Terry Scott Taylor
The Call The Choir The Prayer Chain
Tykus Undercover Veil
White Heart Whiteheart 2nd Chapter of Acts
77s 77s and Michael Roe