Cephas Hour of Purpose
Episode Twenty
Air Date: December 13, 2020

An early Christmas present in the form of an hour of 77s goodness. Beats fruitcake a mile. All songs are from the band’s 20 Years Gone collection, available at https://the77s.bandcamp.com/album/20-years-gone.

Long Way To Go 77s
Everybody Ought To Pray Sometime 77s
Take Your Mind Off It 77s
Long Way To Go 77s
The Years Go Down 77s
Rocks In Your Head 77s
Related 77s
Unbalanced 77s
Flowers In The Sand 77s
Dig My Heels 77s
Mean Green Season 77s
I’m Working On A Building 77s
Sevens 77s
Jack Spoiler 77s
The Late Greats 77s
Don’t, This Way (excerpt) 77s

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