Cephas Hour of Peace
Episode Nine
Air Date: September 13, 2020

The show where it definitely continues to come together, thanks in no small part to the genius that is Terry Scott Taylor.

Peace (John 14:27) Derri Daugherty
Banquet At The World’s End Daniel Amos
Who’s Who Here Daniel Amos
Here I Am Daniel Amos
I Didn’t Build It For Me Daniel Amos
Instruction Through Film Daniel Amos
Kalhoun Daniel Amos
Return Of The Beat Menace Daniel Amos
Mall (All Over The World) Daniel Amos
Safety Net Daniel Amos
The Staggering Gods Daniel Amos
Jesus Wept Daniel Amos
Our New Testament Best Daniel Amos
Love Grace and Mercy Daniel Amos
In The Sides Of The North (excerpt) Kerry Livgren

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