Cephas Hour of Purpose
Episode Two
Air Date: June 21, 2020

An all-Call episode. One of the two deepest regrets I have about my days in Christian music journalism is that I never interviewed the late Michael Been. I came close once, but the idiot I was “working” with at the time blew it for me. (Click the “Read More” button to pull up the show on demand link.)

The Woods The Call
I Don’t Wanna The Call
Modern Romans The Call
Turn A Blind Eye The Call
Oklahoma The Call
Everywhere I Go The Call
What’s Happened To You The Call
War Weary World The Call
You Were There The Call
Surrender The Call
I Still Believe (Great Design) The Call
Let The Day Begin The Call
The Walls Came Down The Call
Uncovered The Call
In The Sides Of The North (excerpt) Kerry Livgren

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