Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
Episode 162
Air Date: May 10, 2020

Yes, another episode continuing the theme of shows dedicated to a single artist or band. This time through, focusing on the raw, real rock‘n’roll of the Altar Boys. (Click the “Read More” button to pull up the show on demand link.)

Light Of Freedom Altar Boys
Heart Lost In Nowhere Altar Boys
I Question It Altar Boys
Let Me See Your Hands Altar Boys
I’m Not Talking About Religion Altar Boys
G.L.M. (Gut Level Music) Altar Boys
Rebel Rock Altar Boys
Against The Grain Altar Boys
Forever Mercy Altar Boys
No Substitute Altar Boys
You Are Loved Altar Boys
World Burning Altar Boys
Life Begins At The Cross Altar Boys
When You’re A Rebel Altar Boys
Unconditional Love Altar Boys
Alma Mater (A Capella) (excerpt) Crumbächer

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