Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
For The Unfortunate Fellowship
Air Date: April 12, 2020

As I write this, a dear friend is grieving the loss of her father. He passed away this morning.

I felt it important to put together a special episode of the show with songs to which those of us in what I call “the unfortunate fellowship,” this defined as believers who have said goodbye on this earth to family and/or friends who were also believers, can relate. There is magic and loss in our lives; the magic of what once was and will again be on the day of that great and glorious Reunion, the loss of what is now as we mourn the impossible to fill emptiness in our lives once occupied by those we loved, do love, and always will love.

I pray these songs bless and comfort.

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Last Day Of My Life 2nd Chapter of Acts
Cry Out To Jesus Third Day
Your Chair Derri Daugherty
I’m Gonna Love You Till The Day I Die Andy Pratt
We All Know The Choir
Now That I’ve Died Daniel Amos
When I Get To The Border Arlo Guthrie
With The Tired Eyes Of Faith Terry Scott Taylor
Persistence Of Vision Radiohalo
The Place I Am Bound Bob Bennett
Can’t No Grave Hold My Body Down Mike Farris
I Am A Servant Larry Norman
Forever Now A Crown Shelly Moore
She Begins To Sing Oden Fong

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