Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
Episode 156
Podcast only

Here is the second podcast-only show with no voiceovers, only music. It is an all-Choir show. Because why not. Enjoy! (Click the “Read More” button to pull up the show on demand link.)

Shadow Of The Cross The Choir
What You Think I Am The Choir
Mercy Lives Here The Choir
Birds Bewildered The Choir
That Melancholy Ghost The Choir
She’s Alright The Choir
If You’re Listening The Choir
We All Know The Choir
Salamander The Choir
Amazing The Choir
Mercy Will Prevail The Choir
We’ve Got The Moon The Choir
A Sentimental Song The Choir
Beautiful Scandolus Night The Choir
Solo Flight (excerpt) Crumbächer

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