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Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
Volume 157
Air Date: March 29, 2020

Tip-toeing back into your podcast world …

Anyway, kicking off this return with a terrific new song by Shelly Moore, plus a whole tasty cornucopia of favorites. Thanks for waiting for me to get it back together and get a new show out. (Click the “Read More” button to pull up the show on demand link.)


Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
Episode 155
Podcast only

A funny thing happened today while I was rummaging around my computer getting things back up and running on this site. I discovered I had two episodes of CHOBR for which the music was all done, but there were no voiceovers by yours truly. I had apparently recorded them this past December, but for whatever reason never completed them. Interesting. Anyway, rather than finish them normally I’ve decided to make them both music-only episodes and place them here as podcast only special episodes. A thank you to those among you who have stuck with me during these past several months.

This particular show is all Undercover. Enjoy! (Click the “Read More” button to pull up the show on demand link.)


Firing It Up (Again)

After an unscheduled sabbatical, I’m back at it; making new shows and getting old ones back online, on in some cases online for the first time. It is going to be a very lengthy process, as I’m “remastering” the old episodes for better sound quality and doing so plus reuploading the now larger files is going to take a good chunk of time. I’m also renaming the shows, losing the silly Roman numerals and relabeling the Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio shows as episodes while keeping the Cephas Hour of Praise shows labeled as volumes. This will hopefully alleviate any question as to what is what.

Anyway, as said this is a work in progress and will be one for quite a while. Please bear with, and thank you!