Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio
Volume CL
(Air Date: July 7, 2019)

Note to self: just because this is the one hundred and fiftieth episode on Cephas Hour on BlackLight Radio does not mean you had to take one hundred and fifty days after the last show to make a new one! Sheesh.

Anyway, sorry it’s taken so long. Thank you for bearing with me. And thank you for listening. One hundred and fifty shows. Wow. Thank you Lord, and thank you to all the artists who are the reason this show exists.

Independence Day Whiteheart
Don’t Fly Away Bill Walden and Allie Hammond
She’s Alright The Choir
Jesus Is For Losers Steve Taylor
You Whisper Something Glass Harp
Scars Farrell & Farrell
Lord Of The Past Bob Bennett
In The Garden Bob Dylan
Aim’n High The Altar Billies
Imagine That The Lost Dogs
With The Tired Eyes Of Faith Terry Scott Taylor
Fast Forward Prodigal
The Eyes Of Love Undercover

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